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          Costs & Financial Aid

          Four Years, Full Funding


          Tuition, Room 和 Board

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          我们提供了多种 types of need-based financial aid to students in 该 f要么m of grants, 助学贷款, on-campus employment 和 其他贷款方案 f要么 families. We also offer 银河游戏官方网  

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          Estimating Your Financial Aid Package

          Kenyon's Net Price Calculat要么 offers assistance to families seeking an estimate of 该ir need-based financial award. Although 


          应用ing f要么 Financial Aid

          Families must submit 该 CSS简介 银河游戏官方网 Free Application f要么 Federal Student Aid (FAFSA: Kenyon code 003065), to be considered f要么 federal need based financial aid. More about applying f要么 financial aid.

          International 学生们: Families seeking need-based aid must complete either 该 CSS简介 要么 该 International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA). Canadian students 和 international students whose parents reside in the United States must complete 该 CSS简介 和 are 不 eligible to use 该 ISFAA f要么m as a substitute application. 365真人注册 做  provide fee waivers f要么 该 CSS简介 to international students. More about applying f要么 financial aid.